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The fruit tree we have had the most consistent success with is the Methley Plum. It is hardy in USDA Zones 4-9 and is a cross of an American and Japanese plum. The Methley produces heavy crops almost every year -- even when its snowing here -- when it blooms in early spring. An attractive tree with lovely, fragrant blossoms in the spring. Methley is a vigorous grower with early, heavy crops of plums every year. The fruit has a good storage life for a plum. Pollination: Self-fruitful. Japanese Plums: These varieties bloom and ripen earlier, tend and to have larger crops. Methley Plum Tree. Methley Plum is a cultivar of a Japanese plum that is small and upright with just enough of a spreading form to make this an absolutely beautiful tree. It produces heavy, annual crops of juicy, sweet, red purple fruit. The fruit is juicy, sweet and mild with a distinctive flavor which is good for fresh eating or jelly. The Methley Plum is a vigorous, self-pollinating plum tree that will provide plenty of plums for you and your friends and family to eat during the summer. The plums ripen in mid June and are small and maroon colored with red flesh. Methley plums can be eaten fresh or used for canning. The Methley tree. 01/05/2012 · Growing plum trees is not only rewarding but extremely tasty. Plums are excellent fresh but also make a wonderful jam or jelly. Read here for more information on how to grow a plum tree.

The Methley plum tree is a favorite pollinator. The plum tree has fruit that is medium to large and has purplish skin with amber tinged flesh. This plum tree has excellent quality. Methley plum has juicy flesh with a sweet mild flavor. This plum tree is great to plant for fresh eating or jelly. Methley Plum will brighten up your spring yard with a flurry of stunning, snowy white blooms. Sweetly-scented, and delicate as a feather, the fragrant blossoms will drift through your yard on the gentlest of spring breezes. By midseason Methley Plum Tree will be weighed down with medium to large fruit. Even better is its strong start: Because we've grafted and grown your Methley Plum from proven rootstock, it's largely disease resistant and tolerant of drought and soil conditions, so it needs very little care. The Methley Plum Tree is a smart, stunning choice for beginners or experts - order yours now!

19/02/2019 · Plant plum trees in loamy, well-drained soil. Plums do not do well when planted in clay-heavy soils or in locations where their roots will be constantly wet. Choose a planting location that receives full sun—at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Avoid planting in pockets where frost may.</plaintext> Methley Plum Tree will brighten up your spring yard with a flurry of stunning, snowy white blooms. Perfect for eating fresh. Prunus salicina 'Methley' is a small, upright, Japanese plum tree with a wide spreading canopy clothed in elliptic, finely serrated, bright green leaves. In early spring, it bursts into a profusion of white blossoms that perfume the air with a fragrance reminiscent of Oriental incense. They are followed by a heavy crop of medium-sized, round to. Methley is the most reliable and easiest to grow fruit tree we offer. Every year in July, before any other tree fruit is ripe, our tree is loaded with hundreds of sweet, medium size, reddish purple plums. They ripen over ten days and don’t keep but, oh. I've had a methley plum tree for about four years. Last Spring it produced a great crop of plums. After all had been harvested we noticed sap coming thru the bark in various areas. As time passed it got worse. I sprayed with insecticide and it did no good. 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